Additional information on withdrawals and refunds

Published Monday, April 20, 2020 at 8:02am

MCC Community,

We have received some questions about the withdrawal and refund process for COVID-19. Hopefully this information will help to clarify the process:

1. It is not required for all students to speak to an advisor to get a withdrawal. If the faculty member feels it is the right decision for the student, they can move forward with issuing the W in SIS and directing the student to complete the student refund exception form on our refund website. The W has to be issued before the student can request a tuition credit or refund, and only the faculty member can issue the W. If the student needs to speak to Financial Aid, Advising, Veterans, DRS, Athletics or other student services areas before being withdrawn they can do that without contacting advising, the remote services page: is the best way for them to connect directly to those areas.

2. The C19 (COVID-19) withdrawal code can be used for any reason related to COVID-19: illness, illness/death of a family member, lack of technology, having to home school children, change in employment due to COVID-19, uncomfortable with online format, or unable to complete extended dates. Use of the C19 code does not automatically issue a tuition credit, students still need to complete the student refund exception form.

3. If a student stopped attending without any communication, use the Excessive Absences (42) code for the withdrawal and the last day the student participated as the LDA. The student can still appeal to request a tuition credit or refund.

4. The remote services page: is the best source of information for students who need to talk to Financial Aid, Advising, Veterans, DRS, Athletics or other student services areas.

5. Incomplete Grade: Some students are requesting the option of an Incomplete. This determination should be made by the faculty member in consultation with the student, based on the following information from the Grading Policy:

  1. Students who are doing acceptable work may request an incomplete grade "I" if they are unable to complete the course requirements by the end of the term because of illness or other extenuating circumstances. If the request is approved by the instructor, he or she shall define, in a written/electronic contract, how the course will be completed.

  2. Students must complete the requirements within the time period agreed to--maximum time allowed is seven (7) months from the last date of class in which the grade of incomplete was assigned. Students who do not complete the requirements within the approved time period will have their grade recorded in accordance with the written contract. Students should NOT re-register for the course to complete the contract.

Additional information can be found in this google doc: 2020 Pandemic Response Account Credit.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Carmen Prado Newland
Senior Associate Vice President | Title IX Coordinator

Nora Amavisca Reyes, Ed.D.
Senior Associate Vice President