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The Art Gallery at MCC enlightens

The MCC Art Gallery is a transformative space embracing the dynamic and multidisciplinary nature of today’s visual culture. Highlighting student, faculty and guest artists works, the gallery provides students, educators and community members a vibrant space for interaction, reflection, experimentation and dialogue.

History of the Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at Mesa Community College is the culmination of a longstanding vision of the Arts faculty for a permanent facility to showcase student, faculty and guest artist works and function as a student learning lab for art management, curating and gallery design. Thoughtful and intensive planning with direction from faculty and staff made certain that this 21-Century facility includes the infrastructure and technology that best highlight a wide range of works in art, ceramics, photography and electronic media. Traditional as well as multimedia creations can be shared to their full potentials including space on the west side of the gallery that has a shade overhang area to accommodate outdoor artwork.

The MCC Art Gallery features moveable walls on a tracking system to create desired layouts depending on the curatorial needs of an exhibition or the technical requirements of the art and artist. Highly qualified and engaged instructors motivate students to reach their greatest creative potential and sharpen their artistic skills. Students in the MCC Art Department represent a diverse population with varying educational goals, but all sharing one common attribute – a passion for art and design.

Funding was received for the Art Gallery as part of the 2004 MCCCD Bond. DWL Architects + Planners, Inc., designed the Art Gallery as well as MCC’s Paul A. Elsner Library and the Life Science Building. The Grand Opening, held on February 24, 2016, featured pieces from the college’s prestigious acquisition collection by acclaimed artists such as Rachel Bess, Alexander Calder, Enrique Chagoya, Mark Klett and William Wegman.

Square Feet
Opened in
February 2016

Students in the MCC Art Department represent an incredibly broad range of backgrounds and individual educational goals, but they all share one common attribute: the passion for art and design.

MCC students have received scholarships to internationally renowned art schools, are employed in a multitude of art or design-related fields, and have shown their creative work all over the world.


The MCC Art Department hosts a variety of annual activities for students and the public. The Student Art Exhibition showcases more than 200 artworks. 

Our highly qualified instructors inspire our students to reach their greatest creative potential and sharpen their artistic skill set.


Students studying at the Art Gallery

The home of aspiring student artists at MCC

Artists live for their art – not the fame or fortune it occasionally nets. That dedication is found in the teachers, mentors, students and visiting artists at MCC. If the act of creation intrigues you, then MCC is a great place for you to explore your interests, hone your craft, appreciate the unanticipated, challenge your preconceptions and be empowered in surprising ways.

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