Program Curriculum

Prerequisite Block

Must be completed before application into the first year of the program.
Courses may be taken in any order (except English) and in any semester.

ANS 110AA  Introduction to Animal Science (3)
ENG 101    First Year Composition (3)
ENG 102   First Year Composition (3) OR ENG 111 Technical Writing
CRE 101 (3)  ; Critical and Evaluative Reading
MAT 120 (5) OR MAT 121 (4) OR MAT 122 (3) Intermediate Algebra
CHM 130    Fundamental Chemistry (3)
CHM 130LL    Fundamental Chemistry Laboratory (1)
BIO 181   General Biology (Majors) (4)

Two-Year Program

Fall semester, first year (12)

AGB 139  Agribusiness Computer Operations (3)
ANS 222  Animal Anatomy and Physiology (3)
ANS 222LL   Animal Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory (1)
EQS 105   Principles of Equine Science (3)
EQS 298AA   Special Project/Equine Practicum (1)
HCC 145AA   Medical Terminology for Health Care Workers I (1)

Spring semester, first year (12)

Agribusiness Accounting and Office Management (3)
ANS 112   Animal Science and Health Practices (2)
ANH 205    Clinical Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology (3)
BIO 205   Microbiology (4)

Summer session (9.5)

ANS 223AA   Animal Diseases (3)
ANH 250AA   Veterinary Technician Internship (0.5)
*Communications Requirement (3)
*Humanities Requirement (3)

Fall semester, second year (11.5)

ANH 200    Veterinary Clinical Pathology Methods (3)
ANH 210   Animal Nursing (2)
ANH 220Animal Pharmacology (3)
ANH 230   Veterinary Radiography and Imaging (3)
ANH 250AB   Veterinary Technician Internship (0.5)

Spring semester, second year (11-12)

 ANH 240   Veterinary Anesthesia, Surgery, & Emergency Nursing (3)
ANS 296WA    Cooperative Education for Clinical Pathology (1)
ANH 250AC   Veterinary Technician Internship (0.5)
ANH 250AD    Veterinary Technician Internship (0.5)
*Economics Requirement (3)
*Restricted Elective (3-4)  

*Communication Requirement can be met by either COM 100: Introduction to Human Communication OR by COM 110: Interpersonal Communication.

*Humanities Requirement can be met by any approved general education course in the Humanities and Fine Arts area.

*Economics Requirement can be met by ECN 160: Economic History of the US OR by ECN 211: Macroeconomic Principles OR by ECN 212: Microeconomic Principles.

*Restricted Electives: Choose one

BIO 182  General Biology II
BIO 240   General Genetics
BIO 280   Animal Behavior
EQS 120   Equine Anatomy and Physiology
EQS 130   Equine Business and Law
EQS 140   Equine Behavior
PSY 156   Understanding Death and Dying
SBU 200   Society and Business
OR any combination of ANS 296 and/or ANS 298 courses total 3-4 credits