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Whether you are a Student, Faculty Member, or Community Partner, we have some forms that may help you. 

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Student Forms

Independent Module

For students in a stand alone Service-Learning course.

In-Course Module

For students in a course incorporating Service-Learning in the curriculum.

  • For ALL Service-Learning courses & color packets
    • Assumption of Risk: AOR Spring 2014.pdf All students who complete service-learning MUST complete & submit this form prior to starting his or her service-learning project
  • Green Packet - EDU classes & MAT 156
  • Yellow Packet - Individual Service-Learning
    • In-Course Student Enrollment Packet: YellowPacketCombined.pdf  For students who are enrolled in a course that embeds service-learning and does NOT have an EDU prefix.
    • Contact Log/Exit Evaluation: ContactLog.pdf
  • Salmon Packet - Group Service-Learning -
    • Group Packet in 1.pdf - For groups of students whose instructor has their student complete their service-learning as a group.

AmeriCorps Forms

  • AmeriCorps Enrollment Application - available only after completing orientation

Making a Difference Grant Application

IDA - Fast Tracking the Dream Forms

Fingerprint Clearance Card Information

Faculty Forms
Agency Forms