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The Office of Research & Planning supports college decision making through the collection, analysis and dissemination of information. The office supports strategic, operational and departmental planning, studies related to institutional effectiveness, student outcomes assessment, and college accreditation activities.

Focus on Success: The Strategic Plan

Strategic planning at Mesa Community College (MCC) is a dynamic, collaborative, and continuous process that sets the future direction for the college, ensuring the long-term viability of our institution for our students and community. Our Strategic Plan serves to translate our vision into strategy by leveraging key strategic priorities: Student Success and Retention, e-Learning, Workforce Development, and Resource Development.

Strategic Planning

  • Focuses on what the college as a whole will do to position for the future
  • Addresses large-scale issues affecting the college
  • Relies on input from internal and external environments
  • Provides direction for operational activities throughout the college

Supporting and advancing our core activities of teaching and learning, as well as improving and augmenting services to students, remain central to all we do as a college. Maintaining this focus will make certain that our vision becomes reality.

Download Focus on Success: Mesa Community College Strategic Plan 2011-2014