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The Student Profiles below break out official Fall 45th Day student headcount in various ways: ethnicity, gender, age, time of attendance, academic load, new/former/continuing student status, student intent, city of residence, high school district, previous college experience, first-generation status, and tuition county. 

For convenience, trends with both raw numbers and percentages are provided. 

Headcount and FTSE Trends

The following report provides a 13-year headcount and FTSE trend for the college as a whole, Red Mountain and Internet. Data is provided for Fall, Spring and Summer as well as by reporting snapshot (e.g. beginning of term, 45th Day or end of term). 

Headcount by Location

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National Community College Benchmark Project (NCCBP) Reports

Graduation and Transfer 

Degrees and Certificates Awarded

MCC Degree and Certificate Award Reports below were updated in September 2014 and are current through Fiscal Year 2013-2014. 

Transfers to an Arizona Public University

This report provides information on MCC students who transfer to ASU, NAU and U of A. Data information is obtained from the Arizona State System for Information on Student Transfer (ASSIST) database, which is a collaboration between Arizona’s public universities and community college districts. 

Developmental Education and Placement Testing

High School Graduates Attending MCC

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