Staff & Contacts

The default staff table below may list incorrect information. Current staff information for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is listed here: 

Matt Ashcraft - Dean of Research and Planning

480-461-7215 |

Dennis Mitchell - Director of Research (reassignment through FY14-15)

480-461-7213 |

Patricia White - Predictive Analyst


Christina Santacruz Del Rosario - Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness

480-461-7261 |

Kenichi Maruyama  - Grant Coordinator

480-461-7758 |

Marla Margaillan- Part-time Research Assistant / OIE Front Desk

480-461-7210 |

Contact Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Southern & Dobson

Building: NU 6
P: 480-461-7213

Name Title Contact
Marla M. Margaillan Staff
Office of Institutional Effect


Kenichi Maruyama Coord Grants
Office of Institutional Effect


Dennis S. Mitchell Dir Research
Adjunct Faculty - English
Office of Institutional Effect


Christina L. Santacruz Del Rosario Coord Institutional Effectiven
Office of Institutional Effect


Patricia White Predictive Analyst
Office of Institutional Effect