Arlen Sykes

Local School Teacher Finds Success at MCC

When Arlen Sykes retired from the U.S. Navy, he decided to attend Mesa Community College to become a physics teacher. It didn’t take him long to switch his major. “I wasn’t doing well in math, and I went to Dr. Ewing, and she said maybe it’s a good thing, because what kind...

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Kimberly Wise

From MCC to New Zealand: Education opens door for opportunity

How did you arrive at MCC? I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life.  I had dropped out of Phoenix College and was basically, a bit 'lost'.  I was eventually working at the Motorola facility that was previously located on Broadway, near the MCC campus.  I initially...

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Rosaline Dye

MCC Psychology Graduate Publishes Research

If given a choice, are you more likely to turn left or right? Mesa Community College alumna Rosaline Dye’s interest in the subject resulted in the publication of her research in a scientific journal. The research, “Absence of Lateral Navigation Bias in Young Children” appears in...

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Phil Reese

Business Broker Phillip Reese Recommends MCC

1) Please describe your affiliation with Mesa Community College.  I am a former student who graduated with my Associate in Arts Degree in 2005. I am on the MCC Alumni Advisory Board. 2) Thinking historically, what is your single most positive memory or impression of MCC? The history classes...

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Brian Koeneman

Q&A with Brian Koeneman, Clinical Director for Laboratory Sciences of AZ

1) Please describe your affiliation with MCC.  As a senior in high school I had a few required classes left to complete for graduation and had to make a decision regarding what to do with my extra time before starting college the following year.  Options of a part-time job, extra-...

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Monique Griego

Local News Anchor Started at MCC

More than a decade ago, Monique Griego knew she wanted to go to college after graduating from Mesa High School. But putting two children through college was going to be next to impossible for her mother. For Monique and her sister, Mesa Community College was the perfect choice. “I came to...

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Garry Weiss

MCC is Home to Adjunct and Family

Garry Weiss of Mesa is an educator who has taught since 1992 in Ohio, Utah, Mexico and Arizona at the high school and college level. Prior to his current teaching career he had a career in sales and marketing as Marketing Manager with Pizza Time Theater and in sales with Terminex. He loves camping...

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Tina Carroll

Veteran Tina Carroll Shares Her Re-Entry Experience

Tina Carroll returned to college at MCC after being out of school for nearly 20 years.  She now works as a Veteran Technician at Scottsdale Community College, assisting returning veterans much like herself. Here’s what she had to say about her experience: 1) What was your experience at...

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Michelle and Melanie Craven

Photo Gallery Features Alternative Photographic Processes

Since opening the Tilt Gallery in Phoenix in 2005, Mesa Community College graduates Michelle and Melanie Craven have enriched the Phoenix art community by sharing their photography skills and knowledge. The twin sisters originally pursued a space for their own photography, but quickly realized...

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Scott Mackey

Outdoor Enthusiast Finds Dream Job

Scott Mackey’s job at the Arizona Game and Fish Department often takes him out into the middle of nowhere. But for Mackey, an avid outdoor enthusiast, that’s exactly where he wants to be.   “The thing I love most about my current job is the hands-on nature of field work,...

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Scott Everett

MCC Student Awarded Art Scholarship

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit has awarded Mesa Community College art student Scott Everett an $80,000 scholarship based on his life-like charcoal drawings inspired by family, friends and life experiences. MCC art instructor Gingher Leyendecker said Everett’s talent was apparent...

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Ron Colburn

MCC Alumnus Ron Colburn

On any given day, Mesa Community College alumnus Ron Colburn may brief Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, or the White House, or Congress, about the issues of the day as he fulfills his duties as Deputy Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol. Ron, who graduated from MCC in 1977, went on to...

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Joel Cranson & Kevin Herrmann

MCC Alumni Receive Emmy Nominations and Award for Webisode Series

If you look closely at the Emmy Award-winning webisode series, “Probed: Signals,” you might catch a glimpse of Mesa Community College’s Southern and Dobson campus, where part of the series was filmed. But even more impressive is the success that MCC alumni Kevin Herrmann and Joel...

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Melissa Seil-Webb

MCC Nutrition Student Starts Own Business

A life-long interest in health and food led Melissa Seil-Webb to Mesa Community College’s Sustainable Food Systems program. A little more than a year after earning her certificate in that program, she has started her own business. She sells Iss’s Magic Mixes, described as “oatmeal...

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Nikelle Mackey

Mesa Community College Student Receives $80,000 Scholarship

Nikelle Mackey, a Mesa Community College Art student, was recently awarded the Presidential Scholarship at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. She was ranked in the top one percent and selected out of 1,400 total applicants.   The Presidential Scholarship, the highest award...

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Molly O’Dwyer

Scholarship Recipient Completes Master’s Degree, Touts MCC and Community Colleges

Molly O’Dwyer took a circuitous route from Mesa Community College to the University of North Carolina, where she received her Master’s Degree in Information Science in December 2013. O’Dwyer, now 30, grew up in Mesa and graduated from Mesa High School before attending MCC. She...

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Mike Brown

NBA Coach Mike Brown Began Career at MCC

Mike Brown, the coach who guided the Cleveland Cavaliers to the 2007 NBA Finals, got his start at Mesa Community College.   Brown attended MCC from 1988-90, playing basketball under former MCC coach Tom Bennett.  Brown went on to graduate from the University of San Diego with a business...

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Kelley Stewart

Girl Scouts honor MCC Alumna

The Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council recently honored MCC alumna Kelley Stewart with the Women of Distinction World of Courage award.  Honorees are chosen for their exceptional community service and leadership.   Stewart is a 2004 graduate of the MCC Red Mountain campus and is...

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Karl Schroeder

Safeway Executive Encourages Others to Take First Step

When Karl Schroeder’s post-high school plans to enter the Air Force in the late ‘70s didn’t work out, he found himself at Mesa Community College, wondering what his next step would be. To cover expenses, he got a job at a Safeway grocery store and rode his bike seven miles to...

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Joan Sullivan Garrett

MedAire Founder Joan Sullivan Garrett

MedAire founder and CEO Joan Sullivan Garrett, who began her career with a nursing degree from Mesa Community College in 1978, is today a recognized leader committed to providing emergency medical care to people in remote locations throughout the world.   Her company is credited with...

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Jacy Smith

Alumna’s Hospice IT Business Connects People and Technology

Mesa Community College alumna Jacy Smith, class of 2008, works hard to help people “bridge the gap” when it comes to technology. Her business, ReFresh IT, assists business owners in understanding what they need and helps implement a specific plan to accomplish their goals. Jacy began...

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Robin Wilson

Gin Blossoms Vocalist Recalls Days at MCC

Robin Wilson, lead vocalist for the Gin Blossoms, spent a large part of his youth on the Mesa Community College campus where his father, Lee Wilson, taught accounting from 1971 through the early '90s. “I have a big place in my heart for that campus,” said Wilson during a phone...

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Harmony Colella

From MCC to a Dream Job: A Non-Traditional Path

Harmony Colella’s “fascination with destruction” began when she was seven years old. Living in California at the time, she remembers hearing a loud noise and feeling the ground shake. Colella reports that she wasn’t frightened, in fact, she found it extremely interesting....

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Brad Hull

MCC Alumnus Now Member of Rising Country Group Due West

Mesa Community College alumnus Brad Hull recently experienced the thrill of walking the red carpet at the Country Music Awards as a member of the country trio Due West.   Hull, who began his career in music at MCC, said he and his band had a hard time believing they were at the awards show as...

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Danette Key

Alumna pursues passion as novelist Publishes On the Edge of Wishing for young adults

MCC alumna Danette Key discovered that sometimes change opens up access to inner creativity.   Born and raised in Arizona, Key worked in the insurance industry for 26 years. But when she and her husband decided to make a change and move to upstate New York, Key began a whole new career as an...

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Stephanie R. deLusé

History of ASU Book Written by MCC Alumna

Do you know the details of how Arizona State University’s “Sparky” mascot originated, or the history of the campus Victory Bell? Find out by reading “Arizona State University,” a new book by Mesa Community College alumna Stephanie R. deLusé, co-authored by...

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Andy Bridges

Biology Student Conducts Research at Petrified Forest

Mesa Community College biology student Andy Bridges has really had a “hands on” experience working in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park. In the past two seasons at the park he captured, marked, measured and weighed more than 1,200 lizards, snakes, toads and small mammals....

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Nancy Donsbach

Alumna follows passion for furniture design

Nancy Donsbach believes every piece of furniture has its own personality.  As an avid do-it-yourselfer for many years, she constantly spotted ways to breathe new life into old chairs and tables.  Her passion for furniture design eventually led Donsbach to Mesa Community College, where she...

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Deborah Bateman

Bank VC Credits MCC for Career Path

When Deborah Bateman attended Mesa Community College, two classes ended up being what she calls “the underpinning foundation of my life.” “I became very involved in business classes at the time, and competed in state and national contests as a member of DECA (Distributive...

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