Special Notes

Transfer Students (Any Chapter)

For students who are changing their major or degree program, or are transferring students from another college or university where they have already used VA educational benefits, they will need to fill out a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training, or Form 22-1995 and then bring in to our office.

Dependents are required to fill out a different form, the Request for Change of Program or Place of Traiing for Survivors' and Dependents Education Assistance, or Form 22-5495.

Students using Vocational Rehabilitation/Chapter 31

Please note: Chapter 31 Eligibility is determined by the Department of Veteran Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

You can apply online using the E-benefits portal or you may call 602-627-2800 to set up an appointment to determine eligibility.

Transferring Eligibility of Benefits

Please note: For Veterans wishing to transfer their educational benefits to a loved one, they will need to complete a TOE form, or the Transfer of Eligibility Form online or you may apply at the Department of Veterans Affairs website here.

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