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Rhetorical Analysis of the Book You Read

For this assignment, you will read and analyze one of the books listed on the syllabus and write a NO-LONGER THAN FOUR-PAGE review and critique of the author and the book. 

Research the author of your book. Find out everything you can about him/her. From what you have learned about the author, what can you deduce and infer about them? Why do you think they wrote this book? Describe what their biases might be and how do they affect the book?

Use what you learn about the author and from reading the book to construct an argument about what you have read and researched. The essay should summarize and describe the author's position, the book's structure, its purpose and its effectiveness.   Use the information in "Guide to Writing Book Reviews" link to help you construct your essay.

Your paper should follow the conventions of college writing and academic discourse.  Make sure you cite all sources properly using an accepted manual of style. Be careful not to plagiarize ideas. Good writing!

Below are some links that will help you compose a good paper:

PDF file "Good Writing or Pet Peeves and Higher Grades"

PDF file "Guide to Witting Book Reviews "

website "Composition Patterns: Evaluative Essays (Reviews)"

PDF file Example of an academic book review