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MCC is committed to knowledge sharing with our business and industry partners.  We strive to provide publically available workforce resources to the community and interested students.

MCC Area of Influence Report

Workforce Development - January 2017

The ​​Maricopa Workforce Development Department conducted an analysis of the program offerings and industrial and occupational composition of the Mesa Community College (MCC) service area. It is the intent that this study aid in MCC’s strategic planning with regards to career and technical education programs. The attached Area of Influence Report (AIR Report) creates an opportunity for MCC to better align instructional resources with industry needs. It also provides insights as to which industries have high growth potential within our service area.  

Routinely assessing labor market data through Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc - EMSI (and other sources) to determine what workforce needs are in highest demand within our geographic area of service and throughout the District is something that MCC is committed to repeating every 3 years.  Our goal is to ensure our curriculum and programs remain relevant and responsive to the changing labor market needs. 

Futures - The State of American Jobs

The Pew Research Center- October 2016