Meet Our Experts

Leslie Barker - Real World Experience

Leslie BarkerIn her classroom Leslie Barker encourages discussions at the peer level, using stories of her own experiences to spark students into sharing. 

A popular instructor at MCC for 7 years, Leslie also has 21 years of experience in various technical and project management positions at Intel.  Leslie's experience allows her to share real-life, on-the-job scenarios with her students.  

By discussing real-life situations she believes students can better grasp textbook concepts. Her industry based project management experience and knowledge helps her create projects and assignments that are applicable during her students’ careers.


Randy Bulriss - Passionate Teacher

Randy BulrissRandy Bulriss had a goal upon completing his masters at ASU - to teach at MCC. This energetic instructor has followed his passion for the last 25 years to assist students or life learners to excel and meet their career goals. 

He retired from Intel in 2014 with 30 years of experience in various engineering, supply chain management, managerial, and program and project management positions. Randy draws knowledge from his extensive career into his project management classes, challenging his students to apply what they learn in textbooks to real-life situations.

As a Team Trainer at Intel, Randy learned the benefits of localizing his lectures and assignments to situations students may face in the day-to-day work environment.  During his time in the private sector Randy traveled frequently.  He found that a knowledge of other cultures while traveling was beneficial, so he adds an element of world culture to his business curriculum that his students find invaluable.


Derek Rushing -  Management Leader

Derek RushingDerek Rushing's teaching is his passion; he enjoys helping people become or advance as professionals. 

Derek's experience as CIO for the AZ Department of Transportation, as well as several other management positions, allows him to apply his knowledge of the industry and a unique perspective to the classroom.  He offers a unique perspective and insider knowledge to his students. 

For 17 years his goal in teaching Project Management has been to help students learn relevant tools and skills that will make them valuable assets to a company. After all, getting a better job and building a career is usually a student's chief motivation for taking the class.