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911 Commemoration Day

Saturday, September 12

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Don't Lose Your Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office offers a series of workshops to help students stay out of debt, retain their financial aid, and understand how the process works.

Three things to remember:

  • Complete the majority of your classes
  • Maintain Your Grades
  • Complete your program

See more workshops and get more info on the Financial aid website.

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Don't miss out on great opportunities. New Student Orientation just for Vets. Enrollment dates, Student Veterans Club dates. Learn more.

VSO Newsletter

Stay informed and in the know by reading the VSO Newsletter. Published monthly, the newsletter is packed with events and opportunities for Veteran's and their families. Learn more.

The Rose Garden

Visit the largest public rose garden in the Southwest. A place of tranquility and beauty, the Veterans Rose Garden honors our Veterans and their service. Learn more.