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Tuition Assistance Top-Up or Top-Off

This information applies only to students who are using tuition assistance and VA educational assistance for the same course. If they want to use only VA benefits for a course, and no TA is used for course expenses, then the student must contact MCC’s Veterans Services Office. Read more on the VA website here.

Original Claims for Chapter 30 must be established before eligibility to Top-up can be considered. An original claim must be submitted via VA Form 22-1990.

  • If you haven't previously filed a claim for MGIB:
    • Request TA from your branch of service. See your education officer or education counselor.
    • Complete an application for VA educational benefits, VA Form 22-1990 online.
    • Indicate "Top-up" on the VA application in item 1A under the MGIB-Active Duty block.
    • Send your TA approval form, along with the application for VA Educational Benefits, to the Muskogee VA Regional Office at:
      Veterans Affairs Regional Office
      PO Box 8888
      Muskogee, OK 74402-8888
      1-888-442-4551 toll free

    *Remember you still have to process your TA paperwork with the institution you will be attending. Be sure and keep a copy of all records and applications. If you have ALREADY used Chapter 30 within the past year (12 months), submit your TA paperwork and indicate you want to use the Top-up program for the course(s) indicated on the TA paperwork.