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Parent Letters - 315s

A ‘parent school letter,’ more commonly known as a ‘315 Letter,’ is the tool through which different universities and colleges communicate with each other regarding individual students.

For instance, if a student is attending and receiving benefits via School A, but for one semester needs to take a class that School B offers, the student must have School A send a 315 letter instructing School B to certify that student for that course. This is a critical step, due to the fact that students receive VA benefits based on 1/2 time, 3/4 time, and full-time classifications of their rate of pursuits.

  • Students must request that MCC’s Veterans Services Office sends a Parent School Letter for each semester that it is necessary. The student must inform the Veterans Services Office if the student changes their courses, course section, or degree objective after requesting the parent school letter.
  • NO parent school letters will be issued without receipt of an enrollment schedule for the secondary institution.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to utilize early enrollment periods for any semester that they will need a parent school letter.