The Heartlight Show

(Testimonial received through the musician’s website.)

Thought you might appreciate hearing my story.  My husband Mike and I attended the last show at MCC.  We sat in the first row of the upper section, so we pretty much had it to ourselves, perfect seats!  

My husband liked to sing, he sang along with many of Jack’s songs.  He knew he wouldn’t be disturbing anyone since there weren’t other patrons around us.  Mike passed away suddenly on March 29.  Attending this concert is one of my fondest memories, the last concert we attended before his death.  

Will he be appearing at Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ again?  That’s where we saw him.  Loved the show!!

                                                                                                                                                                              - Karen 

El Autobus Reloaded

      (Testimonial received through email from client.)

It is not easy to express our gratitude for all your support. The show was a complete success. I am proud to also express the gratitude from Emilio, Jorge and their road manager Christina and communicate their impressions on the beauty of the facility, its technical capabilities and most important the valuable of your knowledgeable and dedicated staff, Remarkable comments from entertainers that have taken this particular show to more that 12 countries and 50 cities in 4 continents. Particular gratitude to Angel our floor manager that night. Finally we are so proud to be part of Mesa Community College. Looking forward to accomplish more success.


Luis Colmenares Bottini

Band on stage during performance                     Band on stage during performance

The Salvation Army

   (Testimonial received from through card from client) 

Janet & MCC PAC Staff-

We want to thank you all so much for the help & gracious way you all worked together for us at The Salvation Army, in our 125th Celebration!

You were all so accommodating & we loved working with you. We plan to work with you again in the near future! 

Thank you again! 

Major Gaylene Yardley 

Lobby setup, tables with displays

Lobby setup, banners