Why Do I Need a Test?

The Maricopa Community Colleges are committed to providing students with opportunities for successful academic experiences. As student academic achievement is directly related to the proper initial course placement, all new students need to complete a Placement test. Students choosing to enroll will register for the courses indicated by their English, mathematic or reading course placement tests. Initial course placement should be discussed with an academic advisor or counselor who is skilled in assessing the student's needs and factors that affect student success.

Testing for Course Placement

  • Students will be required to complete a course placement test under any one of the following conditions:
    • The student is taking his or her first college credit English, reading and/or math course, or any college course for which English, reading or math is a prerequisite.
    • The student is pursuing a degree and does not have current valid district approved course placement scores on file or does not have previous college credit in English, reading and math.
    • The student does not have a high school diploma or GED, and is applying for federal financial aid.
    • The student for whom English is not the primary language and is taking his or her first English as a Second Language class is required to take a test of English proficiency.
    • College may determine additional conditions under which students would be required to complete course placement testing. Contact the college for additional conditions.

  • Students MAY be exempt from a course placement test if at least one of the following conditions apply:
    • The student has earned an associate or higher degree.
    • The student has earned college credits from a regionally accredited college in English, reading, and math with a grade of C or higher. Some courses require the prerequisite be completed within the past two to five years. Meeting with an Academic Advisor is required to determine degree/program specific requirements.
    • The student has currently valid district approved course placement scores on file.

Note: Being exempt from taking a course placement test does not exempt the student from fulfilling the minimum graduation requirements.