Placement Test Sample Questions

Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare. Save time and money. A little review can make a big difference.


ACCUPLACER is the official placement test approved for all Maricopa Community Colleges. Please take time to review the following sample materials for WritePlacer, Reading Comprehension, and Math:

(Please note: The ACCUPLACER sample questions sheet has a Sentence Skills section. You will not be tested on Sentence Skills on the ACCUPLACER.)


For more information about the ACCUPLACER visit Our Services or the Student page on the College Board website.


The Combined English Language Skills Assessment (CELSA) is a paper and pencil based test used for course placement into 'English as a Second Language' classes. Please review the following CELSA study guide before taking the test:

Official Course Placement Chart

The Official Course Placement Chart is used to determine what classes a student can register for and what the Placement Test and Retest Policy is for Maricopa Community College District.