New Students

Updated Placement Information

Students who satisfy the following high school transcript requirements are encouraged to use their overall, unweighted high school GPA in lieu of taking Accuplacer/WritePlacer placement exams.

High school GPA for students who attended high school within the past 10 years will now be taken into consideration for placement. You may be eligible to take a higher-level class than you could previously. Please talk with an academic advisor for more details.

Why Do I Need a Test?

The Maricopa Community Colleges are committed to providing students with opportunities for successful academic experiences. As student academic achievement is directly related to the proper initial course placement, all new students need to complete the placement test.


ACCUPLACER is an adaptive test used for course placement into English, reading and math courses. It is a computerized test with no time limit. The questions are chosen for you on the basis of your answers to previous questions. This adaptive technique selects just the right questions for your ability level.

How long will it take?
Since the test is untimed you can give each question as much thought as you wish. Individual sections average 30 minutes to an hour.
When do I get my scores?
The scores and recommended course placement are given to the student immediately upon test completion.
How much does it cost?
Placement testing is free for students applying to a Maricopa college. Students who are taking the test for another college will have to pay $25.
Do I need an appointment?
ACCUPLACER tests are available by appointment only. Call or email the testing department to make an appointment.
Where can I practice?

We recommend that you review the ACCUPLACER sample questions before testing.

ACCUPLACER also has a web based app to guide you through practice tests.

Also take a look at these sites for additional practice: