Disability Resource Services (DRS) Accommodated Testing

Need an Accomodation?

Use the online service: DRS Connect

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Southern & Dobson

Building: 37N
P: 480-461-7447 F: 480-461-7907

Red Mountain

Building: RDM-M
P: 480-654-7771 F: 480-461-7907

Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis according to each student’s individual documentation. Accommodations are made to provide students with disabilities access to classroom information and expression of their knowledge. Accommodations do not compromise the essential requirements of a course.

Conduct rules and attendance policies apply to all students regardless of their disabilities. Although students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations, they are still required to meet all of a program's technical standards. Applicants should be aware that certain programs and degrees require the ability to perform specific critical skills.

Some students may not be admitted to, or be able to, complete a program or degree because their disability cannot be accommodated in a manner that enables them to perform the required critical skills and meet the critical standards of the program. Prior to applying for or beginning a program of study, students should refer to the College Catalog to review all requirements that are necessary for completion of any specific program.

Accessing Accommodations

Submit documentation to the Disability Resources Center. You may need to meet individually with the Manager of Disability Resources & Services to clarify and approve accommodation needs. Please see the Disability Resources and Services webpages for more complete information.