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Program Location

Our China study abroad program will take you to one of the world's most populous cities, BeijingXi'an (one of the Ancient Capitals of China), and Henan Province near Zhengzhou. You will embrace a different culture and learn about your own. You will learn experientially about the richness and diversity of the Chinese culture.

Not Offered in 2016

Explore the ancient and modern world of China. Gain an appreciation of Chinese culture as it blends tradition and modernism. Visit the ancient capital of China, Xi'an with the terra-cotta soldiers of the First Emperor, experience where all Chinese civilization began and explore the modern center of China - Beijing. Learn firsthand what it means to live within a socialistic and capitalistic world. Stand on the Great Wall and consider how it was constructed to keep people in and out. Modern China is a place that balances what China is relative to the rest of the world.

Gain undergraduate research experience and build your resume with an Academic Certificate of Global Citizenship. Make friends in your interaction with Chinese students. Transform your worldview and your life by challenging yourself in China. Participate in a short-term or long-term program, but experience a world that will challenge your perspectives forever!

Estimated Program Costs

  • 3 Week Program
    • Tuition: 4 credits
    • Program Fees: $TBA
  • 5 Week Program
    • Tuition: 6 credits
    • Program Fees: $TBA
  • Registration Fee: $15
  • Meals are included.
  • Airfare is NOT included (estimated at TBA).

China Program Excursions

Cultural excursions will include UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Great Wall of China and the famous terracotta warriors in the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor.  Also included are excursions to Xi'an (Ancient Capital of China), Beijing (modern capital of China), Beijing Temple of Confucius, the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City, the Shaanxi History MuseumTiananmen Square, Dao and Buddhist temples, Henan Museum and Temple to the Yellow Emperor (origins of Chinese family names).

China Program Details

The 3-week program will help you understand China in the global world with all of the social and economic dynamics that have taken place since 1978 - when China opened to the outside world.

The 5-week program focuses on undergraduate research in your major area of interest including Education, Sociology, Anthropology, Digital Media and Arts, Business, Economics, and Dance/Music.

Students will be responsible for undergraduate research, and upon review of transcript, may be eligible for an Academic Certificate of Global Citizenship.

Courses Offered (4-6 credits)

3 Week Program

  • ASB102: 17977 Introduction to Social Cultural Anthropology (3 cr) 
  • GLO298AA: 17978 Global Studies Capstone (1 cr) 
    Prerequisite: permission of Program Director

5 Week Program

  • ASB102: 17977 Introduction to Social Cultural Anthropology (3 cr) 
  • GLO298AA: 17978 Global Studies Capstone (1 cr) 
    Prerequisite: permission of Program Director
  • ASB298AB: 17979 Special Project (2 cr) 
    Prerequisite: permission of Program Director

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