Research Network CCURI


Mesa Community College has been chosen as 1 of 38 two-year colleges (out of 1200 nationwide) to participate in the Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative (CCURI). CCURI is a National Science Foundation funded project to expand opportunities for high-impact learning experiences – such as research – for first and second year college students.

Visit to learn more about the Community College undergraduate Research Initiative.

Undergraduate Research at Mesa Community College is creative, inquiry-based learning in the course of which students engage in data-driven questioning designed to lead to a greater understanding of the natural and cultural world. It is a form of experience-based, imaginative, and active learning that engages students with real-world contexts, including the social and civic.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any one of the workshop participants.

  • Niccole Villa Cerveny, Geoscience Faculty
  • Carol Achs, Dean Math & Sciences
  • Annalisa Alvrus, Anthropology Faculty
  • Karen Knierman, Astronomy Faculty
  • John Griffith, Physics Faculty
  • Graham Boorse, Biology Faculty