Academic Skills Center (ASC)

Welcome to the Academic Skills Center!

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Kassie Lamoreaux, ASC Tutor Coordinator
Location: Library, LB 175
P. 480-461-7989

Learning Enhancement Center
Location: Library, LB 11
P. 480-461-7678

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Located on the Southern & Dobson campus, the Academic Skills Center (ASC) is now in LB 175, first floor of the Library, just before the Writing Center.

We offer FREE drop-in tutoring for developmental Writing, Reading, English as a Second Language (ESL), etc.

For courses we tutor, we also offer FREE printing of homework!

Courses We Tutor

  • English ALP (Accelerated Learning Program)
  • all ESL, including ESL 097
  • RDG 081 & RDG 100
  • CRE 101
  • COM 100, 110 & 120
  • CPD 150 & AAA 150
  • ESL/ELL for non-credit and English Writing & Grammar for GED (Community Outreach Program)

Course Books Available

  • Most course books are available at the center
  • Course books can be used during your visit

image of an open book by a student