Academic Skills Center (ASC)

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Academic Skills Center
Location: Library, LB 175
P. 480-461-7678

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ASC tutors are accessible online for Summer 2020 semester.

Visit our Virtual Academic Skills Tutoring Center to connect with a tutor in real-time! Hours are listed on each ASC tutor's ConexED card.

If you are MCC faculty, please consider including our MCC Virtual Tutoring in your course navigation in Canvas so students can have easy and quick access to our waiting tutors.

See the LEC webpage for more information. *

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) is located on the Southern & Dobson campus in LB 175, first floor of the Library, next to the Writing Center.

Our in-person hours are:

Monday-Thursday 9:00am-7:00pm &

Friday 9:00am-1:00pm (except holidays and summer)

We offer FREE drop-in tutoring for developmental Writing, Reading, English as a Second Language (ESL), etc.

For courses we tutor, we also offer FREE printing of homework!

Courses We Tutor

  • ENG 101LL
  • ENG 107LL
  • all ESL
  • all RDG
  • CRE 101
  • COM 100, 110 & 120
  • CPD 150 & AAA 150
  • ABE non-credit English & GED prep

Please utilize tutors at all stages of your learning process. Although we offer free printing of homework for courses we tutor, we hope you try out all our services, especially our drop-in tutoring. Come often and plan on meeting with a tutor for 15 minutes at a time and at least two days before the assignment due date. To get the best experience at the ASC, show your assignment to your tutor.

Course Books Available

  • Most course books are available at the center
  • Course books can be used during your visit

image of an open book by a student