Faculty-Syllabus Info

Note: The target audience for this page is MCC faculty.

The following statements about Academic Support may be included in your course syllabus:

Learning Enhancement Center:

Fall 2022 Syllabus Statement

We care about your success! In addition to meeting with your instructor, as an MCC student you are encouraged to use FREE tutoring and other support services in the Learning Enhancement Center (LEC). Visit one of nine LEC locations to reinforce your understanding of course concepts and improve performance in your courses.

To connect with a tutor, and for a full list of subjects, visit: https://www.mesacc.edu/students/tutoring/tutoring-online

Phone Location URL
480.461.7678 Southern & Dobson - LB-11 www.mesacc.edu/tutoring
480.654.7735 Red Mountain - Desert Willow www.mesacc.edu/tutoring

Writing Center:

The Writing Center provides one-on-one appointments to help students during any phase of the writing process: brainstorming, prewriting, researching, drafting, and revising. The Writing Center is located on the 1st floor of the Elsner Library.

Phone Location URL
480.461.7678 Southern & Dobson - LB-11 www.mesacc.edu/writing-center

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