CRLA Tutor Training Program

Training Philosophy

The LEC's CRLA certificateRenewed every five years. As a learning-centered college, MCC emphasizes the importance of professional development for all of its employees. Studies have demonstrated that, second only to students' meeting with faculty outside the classroom, a tutoring program with a training component has the greatest impact on student success. At the LEC, all staff undergo training, both upon hire and throughout the semester.

Professional Development for Tutors

All tutors participate in training that has been certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), an international organization of learning-assistance professionals

CRLA certifies programs, not tutors, but the programs in turn train and certify tutors

Certified tutor pin All tutors are required to take part in Level-1 training. Each level of certification requires a minimum of ten hours of training and tutoring for 25 hours to reach a certification.

The certification levels are…

  • CRLA Level 1: Regular
  • CRLA Level 2: Advanced
  • CRLA Level 3: Master