What Do C4S Students Have to Say?

  • "My mentor is very relatable and easy to talk to about anything"
  • "My mentor encourages me to work through problems and stay positive."
  • "I am inspired to believe more in myself and fulfill what I am truly passionate about"
  • "I feel more connected to the staff and community at MCC."

Ready to apply?  

Please complete the online Interest Form and Matching Inventory.  
It's not too late to participate!  There will be several rounds of matching that occur throughout the year. 

11/15/17   Attention NEW student applicants to C4S.  If you complete the online forms between November 15- December 15, be aware that this is "crunch" time for most individuals on campus.  Relationships with a Mentor are best formed when the time and work pressures are off.  Many students, perhaps like you, are really working hard to finish final projects and prepare for final exams.  Adding the pressure of meeting someone new and trying to fit into schedules adds to the already heavy load.  Matching at this time is not recommended.  Mentors are not intended to help with urgent issues, especially if the relationship has not yet been established.  

If you feel like you need HELP, please reach out to Counseling, attend Student Success Workshops, make an appointment with an advisor, speak to your professor, schedule time with a tutor, visit Veteran's Services (as appropriate), etc.  All services on campus are OPEN and ready to help you during this time.  Ask for help as needed within the various departments!  

Scholarship Information for Participants

C4S Scholarship Fall 2017.pdf  -  READ THIS INFORMATION FIRST!!

C4S Scholarship Application site -
Awards of up to $500 will be made for each semester in the 2017-18 academic year.

How is Connect 4 Success helpful?

  • Your Mentor is there encouraging & helping you transition to college.
  • Students are exposed to one on one interactions in order to build the necessary skills to be successful at the college level.
  • Students have the freedom to seek out a C4S team member to obtain any additional information to help them succeed. 
  • Students can attend C4S workshops to deepen their  thought process, build valuable skill sets & gain the necessary confidence to succeed at the college level.

What Are Student/Mentees' Responsibilities?

  • Make a commitment to meet with your C4S Mentor.
  • Students are responsible for reaching out and connecting with C4S Mentor!
  • 1:1 meetings must be face to face and on campus.  
  • Plan to set aside weekly time for this commitment, especially in the beginning.
  • Cancel an appointment if you cannot make it via text, email and/or phone call.  And, then, we expect students to take initiative to re-schedule immediately.
  • Work on achieving goals that you set.

How Do Students Get Involved?  Apply Here!

  • Any student may submit a Student Interest Form  and Student Matching Inventory at any time of year to be considered.  Best time to apply is August 24 through September 15.  
  • There are a limited number of mentors, so not all students will be selected.  Students in the TRIO Student Support Services will be given priority.
  • An e-mail will be sent to the student's Maricopa Google Account.
  • Students are encouraged to contact their C4S Mentor as soon as possible.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?


Julianne Sperrazza
Program Advisor/Connect4Success/Student Success Services