Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

Kelly and her Mentor Melissa C.

What Do C4S Students Have to Say?

  • "My mentor is very relatable and easy to talk to about anything"
  • "My mentor encourages me to work through problems and stay positive."
  • "I am inspired to believe more in myself and fulfill what I am truly passionate about"
  • "I feel more connected to the staff and community at MCC."

Peer Mentors are students who have experienced a semester or two at MCC, have received the guidance and encouragement of a mentoring relationship through C4S, and have received Peer mentor training. They are willing to assist and guide new students to navigate the college experience, show them around campus and make them feel welcome. 

Some students prefer to  work with someone closer to their age and experience level so they can easily relate. 

If you are compassionate, engaging, have about an hour a week, want to help others get more comfortable with knowing what it's like to be a MCC student and are willing and able to complete C4S Peer Mentor training, this is a super opportunity for you! 

Mentoring is about expanding contacts and connections!

Contact Julianne Sperrazza, Connect 4 Success Mentoring Lead, or by email at: