Become a C4S Mentor

What do C4S Mentors Have to Say?

  • "I love to help students not just on an academic level but on a personal level as well"
  • "It is rewarding to work with students who are unsure of what they want to do and help them find their passion"
  • "The students learn how to communicate, network and achieve their goals which builds confidence and a more positive outlook on life"
  • "My student mentees still connect with me after their term in the program has ended."

Who are the Mentors? YOU!

Complete the Interest Form

  • We encourage all staff, whether part-time or full-time, RPS or Adjunct, Admin, front-line, or IT professional, etc. to consider this opportunity.
  • Why would I want to mentor?
  • Be valued in a role beyond your current job title.
  • Opportunity to mingle and network college-wide at Mentor events and with new contacts.
  • Be able to recall current and relevant student anecdotes for job interviews or in team problem solving meetings.
  • Close the generation gap by getting in touch with fab tech-wise millennials, or perhaps a seasoned soldier mature beyond their years for what they have seen and endured or first generation student who is getting mixed messages about the value of higher education.
  • Because meaningful & quality interactions feed the soul (not just number of customer transactions).
  • Have someone look up to you for your tremendous talent, expensive education and vast experience.
  • Opportunity to step away from the desk/computer, take a walk and break up the weekly routine.
  • Free food and caffeine are involved. Did someone say coffee and a snack?
  • Mentoring relationships can be transformational, well into the future you will be remembered.

Can I be a good mentor? Mentoring is for you if. . .

  • You can listen.
  • You have solved lot of problems in school and life.
  • You have made mistakes and learned from them.
  • You tried something new, and succeeded despite odds against it.
  • You have felt like an outsider or awkward in different environment.

Connect 4 Success Mentoring

What can I expect?

Know that as a Mentor you are not expected to be a counselor, teacher, professor, parent, coach, academic advisor, tutor, spiritual guide, emergency ride home, etc. Expect that a student may open up to you slowly over time or be the opposite and spill out a whole list of issues weighing heavily on their mind. Expect to listen, and listen some more and maybe help the student identify resources or a contact. Mostly you are there to listen, and remember their story and notice their strengths, talents and what is going right.

Sometimes Mentors may point students in another direction, offer suggestions, and reaffirm that their experience in college is new but it is their own. Mentors are expected to encourage students to keep going and find their place/way even when the road is tough and confusing.

Expect that care will be taken by the Connect 4 Success team to create matches based on interests, culture, language, academic area, and other details shared in your Mentor Inventory. Expect that Connect 4 Success staff support you in your efforts to be a Mentor. Best of all, a mentor celebrates victories (small and large) with a person who has come to trust you.

And, finally, expect closure. The expectation is to make every effort to be available regularly throughout the academic year and no commitment beyond that. Of course, some Mentors and Mentees choose to stay in touch, but that will be completely optional.


Paul Patterson

Connect 4 Success Lead