Connect 4 Success Mentoring

Dr. Sonia Pearson, Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Sonya Pearson, Vice President of Student Affairs, speaking to a group of C4S participants. 

What Is Connect 4 Success?

Connect 4 Success Mentoring is a program designed to match students one-to-one with another person to help navigate the college and campus experience.  Students can be paired with either a Peer Mentor or Faculty/Staff Mentor for extra support throughout the year (depending on availability).  To get started, choose your level of interest and involvement below!


Choose this link if you would like to learn about how to get a mentor.  

Students who qualify to participate in Connect 4 Success (C4S) are paired with a mentor who provides one-on-one support for managing the challenges of college.

There are no agendas or set goals; instead, you are encouraged to question, share, and explore ideas with a caring listener. You decide what you want to focus on; your Mentor is there to support you.

Peer Mentor

Choose this link if you would like to learn about becoming a Peer Mentor.

Peer Mentors are students with more college experience and some training who are willing to assist newer MCC students navigate the college experience.   

If you are compassionate, engaging, have about an hour a week, want to help others get more comfortable with knowing what it's like to be a MCC student and are willing and able to complete C4S Peer Mentor training, this is a super opportunity for you! 


Choose this link if you are a faculty or staff member with MCC and would like to become a Mentor.

As a C4S Mentor, you can make a real difference in a student's life.

Mentoring skills can be used in all relationships. Your C4S experience will help you to connect with students & colleagues across the MCC campuses.

Program Goals

  • Support, encourage and guide students toward academic achievement 
  • Encourage students to utilize valuable college resources 
  • Build a relationship that enhances self-worth, success, support and sharing.

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