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Melissa Kay Turnbull

Sam Garman

Bridging Success Project Coordinator
MCCCD District Support Services
Phone: 480-731-8093

Foster Care Advocate

On campus, look for this symbol: Anywhere you see it, you will find someone who is committed to helping you take the next step in your journey toward college graduation.

Bridging the divide between foster care and higher education.

The purpose of the Foster Youth Student Success Initiative is to increase college attendance and completion rates among students aging out of the foster care system.

The Bridging Success Initiative focuses on three main areas:


Maricopa Community Colleges is creating supportive environments at all of its locations. There are staff dedicated to supporting students aging out of foster care, so students can stay focused on completing their goals.

Degree Completion

Completing a degree/certificate leads to greater overall earning potential. Our students will have the support they need to succeed in higher education, no matter what goals they have.


Going to a new school is not easy. Not only do our students gain the education and skills they need to transfer to a four-year school, they have the opportunity to connect with the staff from Arizona State Universities Bridging Success Program. This connection will support a smooth transfer to the university.

Foster youth students will have access to MCC's many resources, including tutoring, academic counseling, career planning, skill development, and additional support services. MCC can help with:

  • Health and Well-Being
  • Employment
  • Housing Resources
  • Transportation
  • Mentoring and Affiliation Opportunities
  • Financing Your Education
  • I Need Help With More Than One Thing

Admissions and Records

Contact for questions about high school transcripts, proving residency, and identity verification.

Maria Rivera

Melissa Rivera

P. 480- 461-7318


Contact for questions about how to choose a major, how to make sure all your classes will transfer, and what classes are right for your schedule.

Sarah Banner

Sarah Banner

P: 480-461-7253

Financial Aid

Contact for questions about your FAFSA, how to complete verification, and how to pay for college.

Tori Stanton

Tori Stanton

P: 480-654-7760

Cashier Services

Contact for questions about financial aid disbursement and book advances.

Valerie Stingley

Valerie Stingley

P: 480-461-7108

Student Life/ Career Services

Contact for questions about how to connect to other students, student clubs and groups, and support for students on campus; or help determining what career might be a good fit for you, seeking jobs while in school, and preparing for jobs when you graduate.

Kris Bliss

Kris Bliss