Types of Membership

There are two main types of Phi Theta Membership:

Official Member

Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Omicron Beta Chapter by meeting all eligibility requirements:

  • 3.5+ Cumulative GPA
  • Completed 12+ credit hours, 100 level or above
  • Currently enrolled in at least 1 credit at MCC
  • Pay a one-time, life-time membership fee of $80.00

Provisional Membership

Provisional Members are not yet members of Phi Theta Kappa but are active in chapter activities and programs while pursuing standard membership. These members are working to become eligible either:

  • Credit-wise (at least 12 credits of 100-level division courses) or
  • GPA-wise (must have a 3.5 GPA or better to apply)

Enhanced Membership

Enhanced Membership provides the same benefits of membership provided by Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters with additional recognition from the chapter for participation in chapter activities. A student who chooses this option agrees to commit to a specific amount of activity, such as attending meetings or Honors Study Topic programs, assisting with service projects, etc., as set forth by the chapter.

We love to encourage our Phi Theta Kappa members to get more involved and offer an Enhanced Membership Card to allow our members to track their participation in the program and earn Phi Theta Kappa merchandise and regalia.