Alisha Brown, Vice President of the Central District

1. Major: Associate in Arts, Global Citizenship, Global Health and Health Policy

2. Desired Career Goals: I will work with people in third world countries to improve their communities. I will eventually found a non-profit organization that will sustainably help families to improve their socioeconomic statuses. 

3. Strengths Quest Results: Restorative, Learner, Intellection, Input, Ideation

4. Position Description: As the VP of the Central District, I act a pillar support the Phi Theta Kappa chapters throughout Maricopa County. I also am in charge of promoting and maintaining communication among the county’s chapters. I act as the present in matters concerning the county’s chapters specifically, and report to the president on these matters. I also play a supportive role for fellow regional officers, supporting and contributing the goals of the team. 

5. What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa this year? This year, my focus is mainly placed on my role as a regional officer, since it a large responsibility; as an alumni of the Omicron Beta chapter, I am also dedicated to playing a supportive role for both project committees and other chapter Executive Board goals. I am passionate about doing what I can to assist in the re-implementation of the Leadership Development Series, as I feel that the information offered was immensely useful to me as a member, and will be to others. I also offer my support to any and all incoming members. More than anything, I am elated to see the awesome things that the chapter will do this year!