Leadership Team

    Phi Theta Kappa Officers

    Title Name
    President Abby Atonal Rodriguez
    Regional Officer - Vice President of Central District Zackary Turner
    Vice President of Southern & Dobson Shelby Lynch
    Vice President of Red Mountain Landon Peterson
    Honors in Action Andrea Astorga-German
    College Project Savannah Sandoe
    Chief Project Support Officer Abby Atonal Rodriguez
    Finance Alec Schultz
    Public Relations Zack Turner
    Public Information Officer Shelby Lynch
    College Completion Officer AVAILABLE - Please apply!
    Membership Recruitment Mitchell Stewart
    Community Service Andrea Astorga-German
    Campus Events for Southern & Dobson Sarah Thomas
    Campus Events for Red Mountain Jillian Martin
    Operations Officer for Southern & Dobson Cassidy Durland
    Operations Officer for Red Mountain AVAILABLE - Please apply!
    Alumni Relations AVAILABLE - Please apply!
    Regional Officer - Cheif Recruitment and Development Officer -----

    Phi Theta Kappa Advisors

    Title Name
    Phi Theta Kappa Lead Faculty Advisor Duane Oakes
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Administrative Support Leigh Ann Counseller
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Membership Support Debra Ohlinger
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Project Teams Vacant
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Financial Management Vacant
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Induction & Mentors Dawn Rhodes
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Honors Dr. Shereen Lerner
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Red Mountain Karen Appel
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Red Mountain Dr. Niccole Cerveny
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Red Mountain Marie Brown
    Phi Theta Kappa Advisor / Red Mountain Kelley Stewart