Micky Scala

Micky Scala
Graduate Degrees: 
Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Counseling and Applied Psychological Science
Graduation Year: 
Current Job Title: 
Professional Boxer

Professional boxer Micky Scala, aka ‘Mesa Mick,’ plans to use his experience and the counseling degree he just earned at Mesa Community College to be an advocate for mental health.

“I lost two close family members to suicide,” Scala said. “Now I fight in honor of their lives and want to do so by being an advocate for mental health in my professional career. Hopefully by doing so I can make a difference in someone’s future.”

Scala, 19, is currently undefeated (5-0 3KOs). He signed to Mayweather Promotions at 17 years old, the youngest fighter to ever sign with them.

A few days after graduation from MCC, Scala will fight at the Gila River Arena.

“With this degree, I want to be an educated advocate for mental health awareness as a professional boxer,” he said. “I want to understand what I am standing for and the audience I am trying to reach. As my platform grows and the day I become world champion, I will always remember the fight for mental health, as that is one fight that will never end.”

Scala said he fell in love with boxing watching his brother train with his dad.

“I wanted to be just like him,” Scala said. “I wanted to have his fast jab, I wanted to have his speed, the footwork, the swagger that he possessed in the ring…

“As I continue in the sport, I remember the happiness that flooded my brain while watching my brother succeed. This was something I wanted to employ on others. My ultimate goal is to make my whole family proud and continue to bond over the sport of boxing.”

Scala, a Westwood High School graduate, decided to attend MCC after being offered a scholarship opportunity. His brother and sister were also MCC students.

“As a recipient of the Presidential Honors Scholarship, the program kept me disciplined,” Scala said. “I took on the challenge of honors classes as well as extracurricular activities in order to maintain the scholarship. I did so at a high level allowing me to graduate with a gold cord which is the highest honor for students who have maintained a 3.9-4.0 GPA.”

One moment that stands out in Scala’s mind about MCC is meeting Student Body President Vicente Ortiz.

“He recognized me at an event at MCC and we had a great conversation,” Scala said. “Definitely made me feel more connected to the school as I have participated mostly in online classes.”

Following his boxing career, Scala plans to return to college to earn a bachelor's degree in software engineering.

Scala said he’s thankful for the support his family provided while he attended MCC.

“When things get tough in school I look to my family,” he said. “They drive me to do well in school, life, and boxing. In everything I do, I do my best for them. I not only want to better my life but their lives as well.”

Photo by: Ryan Hafey