Kenna Graff

Kenna Graff
Graduate Degrees: 
Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Women and Gender Studies
Graduation Year: 

When things got tough for Mesa Community College student Kenna Graff, 20, of Mesa, simply getting out of the house helped tremendously.

"Some days, I wanted to stay in bed and put off all my work, but I made sure to at least go to the library and complete the assignments for that day, maybe work ahead if I had motivation," Graff said. "My struggles with mental illness impacted the way I learn and take care of myself, but with resources I have found different ways to focus."

This spring, Graff will graduate with an Associate in arts, Emphasis in Women and Gender Studies, as well as an academic certificate in Women and Gender Studies.

Graff said the program, which explores the historical and contemporary theories and practices of feminism and gender identities, put her on the right path for her education.

"Academic advisor Alayna Thorpe helped me immensely when it came to figuring out the schedule for me to build and the steps I needed to take for graduation," Graff said.

She plans to earn a bachelor’s degree and become a lawyer to help those in her community. Graff said her experiences interning on campus will help her in her chosen occupation.

"These experiences helped me by working together with my co-workers to find the best pathway to complete tasks," she said. "They understand if I need them to explain in more detail to fully grasp what they mean."

Graff said she will never forget the community she found at MCC through her classes.

"I absolutely recommend MCC if you are unsure about college," Graff said. "The classes are equal to or less than the same size of high school classes, which is a great way to enter without extra stress."

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