The Aljazzar Family

Aljazzar Family
Graduation Year: 

Three siblings from Syria are proudly graduating from Mesa Community College this spring, with the goal to continue their education and earn bachelor’s degrees as they begin a new life in a new country.

The Aljazzar family includes Rima, 23, Katr Alnada, 22, and Ayman, 20. All three earned associate degrees and Arizona General Education Certificates from MCC.

When they first arrived in the United States in 2015, they enrolled in ninth grade together, graduated from high school together in 2019 and then enrolled in MCC.

“We decided to attend MCC due to the fact that it was one of the best colleges near us,” Ayman said. “We heard nice comments by friends who graduated from MCC.”

Although their majors are different, the siblings took some humanity classes together.

“It was nice to be in the same classroom,” Katr Alnada said. “We did homework together.”

Their career goals vary, but all intend to further their education to accomplish those goals. Rima sees herself owning her own pharmacy, Katr Alnada would like to work as an interpreter and Ayman plans to be a civil engineer and successful investor.

While at MCC, Ayman and Rima were both awarded the President’s Honors Scholarship to assist with tuition expenses.

The siblings said they didn’t have too many obstacles to overcome during their time at MCC, but they took advantage of the college’s resources and weren’t afraid to ask for help when they needed it.

Rima and Katr Alnada said they received tremendous support from their professors during office hours and by email. Ayman said he took advantage of the tutoring centers.

“The professors were understanding and very supportive,” Katr Alnada said. “I want to personally thank Professor Melissa Bunte for staying by my side when I was struggling and helping me get through exhausting moments.”

All three would recommend MCC to other students. Rima said she will never forget the motivation MCC gave her.

In addition to the great teaching staff at MCC, Ryman concluded with one additional thought about the positive aspects of the college.

“MCC is also where I met all my awesome friends.”

Rima Aljazzar
Katr Alnada Aljazzar
Ayman Aljazzar