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Accuplacer Practice

Looking to review for the Math Accuplacer? We can help.
Start by going to

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Information regarding Summer 2020 Writing Boot Camps will be available shortly

Need an Online Boot Camp option?

MCC students can use EdReady to prepare for the Accuplacer test.

EdReady Quick Start Guide for Students

Instructions for Accessing EdReady

Start by going to

Click here for detailed instructions:
  • Click Get Started.
  • Fill out the form to sign up for EdReady.
  • Be sure to write down your username and password.
  • Click Sign up for EdReady.
  • A confirmation email is sent to your address.
  • Click it and paste activation code.
  • Log into EdReady.
  • The screen will say “Welcome to EdReady".
  • Enter a key to continue.
  • Enter the key maricopa_63
  • Click Get Started.
  • Click Go to Goal.
  • Choose your level, if unsure start with level 1.
  • Click start diagnostic.
  • Once completed you will see the areas you know and those you may need to review.
  • Follow the path until you have achieved the goal.

Boot Camp is Free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FSS Reading/Writing Boot Camp?
A chance to review reading skills and comprehension and writing basics.

Why attend FSS Reading/Writing Boot Camp?Students and tutors work togetherBoot Camp in Action

  • Strengthen and refresh reading skills.
  • Develop organizational writing skills.
  • Reduce test anxiety.
  • Improve placement test scores

Who should sign up for FSS Reading/Writing Boot Camp?