English Foundations

The EF 1N classroom has been outfitted with new furniture and laptops to promote the integration of technology and collaboration in the first-year composition course.

Additionally, a portion of the Academic Skills Center (ASC) has been redesigned to create a smaller breakout room for the ALP.

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Math Foundations

The Math Foundations Center (MFC), located in the MS building near the center of campus, consists of five classrooms, a tutoring lab, and a well-furnished computer lab containing 100 state-of-the-art computers (50 of which were provided by the Title III grant). 

This building is designed exclusively to serve the needs of our developmental math students. 

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Reading Foundations

The Reading Department has been hard at work in the newly designed Reading Foundations Center. 

With our existing classrooms, we created two very versatile rooms that include computers around the perimeter and instructional space in the center.  In this way, we are able to conduct more small group instruction that is tailored to specific student needs.

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