Student FAQ

What is EARS?

EARS is a student-centered program designed to support academic and personal success. Students are referred into EARS by faculty and staff.

What reason(s) might a student be referred into EARS?

Faculty/Staff log into EARS when they have concerns about student’s academic/personal difficulties with learning; tutoring assistance; behaviors and attitudes that warrant intervention; success planning; attendance problems; and for campus and community resources.

How will a student be notified that he or she has been referred into EARS?

Once the EARS referral is made, the student will receive an email that welcomes him or her to the EARS Program. This email informs the student that an instructor or staff has referred student into EARS and someone from the Student Success Team will soon be contacting him or her for appointment and to provide campus resources to assist them with their academic success.

Does a student being referred into EARS reflect that he or she is failing a class?

It does not necessarily mean a student is failing. It does represent the faculty or staff’s concern about his or her progress and success in a class or semester.

Does being referred into EARS become part of the student’s academic record?

No, it does not. It is a communication system to link students, faculty and staff to campus resources that can assist MCC students toward academic achievement.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact EARS Program Coordinator at: or call 480-461-7449.