How to submit a referral

Syllabus Statement

MCC is committed to the success of all of our students.

Numerous campus support services are available throughout your academic journey to assist you in achieving your educational goals. MCC has adopted an Early Alert Referral System (EARS) as part of a student success initiative to aid students in their educational pursuits.

Faculty and Staff participate by alerting and referring students to campus services for added support.

Students may receive a follow-up call from various campus services as a result of being referred to EARS. Students are encouraged to participate, but these services are optional.

Start A Referral by Logging into EARS

Need technical assistance with EARS?

Contact the MCC Help Center for assistance by phone: 480-461-7217. Location: AS 4 - Breezeway

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EARS?

EARS is a student-centered program designed to support academic and personal success. Students are referred into EARS by faculty and staff.

What reason(s) might a student be referred into EARS?

Faculty/Staff log into EARS when they have concerns about student’s academic/personal difficulties with learning; tutoring assistance; behaviors and attitudes that warrant intervention; success planning; attendance problems; and for campus and community resources.

What is the best way to let a student know faculty are referring a student into EARS?

To express concern to the student, remember to let the student know you care about his or her success and there are campus resources that might be found helpful. When initiating this conversation with the student, some helpful phrases are: * "I've been concerned about you lately." * "Your test grades, absences, tears, etc. have caught my attention." * "Are you aware of all of the various campus resources available to you for free at MCC?" * "Would you like to speak to with a Student Success Team person or Counselor?" * "I'd like to help you find the support you need to succeed in this class." * "Sometimes it is good to get another perspective."

What about loud, intimidating and threatening behaviors of a student?

Threatening or violent behaviors warrant contacting College Police (480-461-7777 for Southern & Dobson and 480-654-7444 at Red Mountain) immediately. Disruptive students and other classroom management issues should be consulted by faculty with their Academic Department Chair.

What is the easiest access to login to EARS?

On any MCC website page on the left side of the footer, click on the "Intranet" link to display the Intranet homepage and once on the Intranet homepage select "EARS Login" located in the Quick Links navigation box.

What are other ways to access EARS website and login?
  1. for EARS webpage of campus resources and click on the "Login to EARS" just below the Quicklinks
  2. Open "Future Students" on the Home Page and there will be an EARS feature box and one can click on "Go to EARS" to go to the EARS webpage and Login.
  3. Open "Current Students" and click on "EARS Student Resources" to be taken to the EARS website and Login.
What username and password do I use to login?

Login with your MEID and password.

Once I see my EARS Dashboard, what do I do?

In the left navigation menu, select "Create New Referral" which will open up a new screen titled "Student Schedule Look-Up".

  • This web page provides a student search capability allowing you to search for a student using their first, last or middle name or student id.
  • Instructions are detailed on this web page.
  • Upon selecting the student from the dynamic list provided, EARS will display the student's class roster for the current semester
  • When you select the specific class, or the 'non-specific class' entry, EARS will display a new web page allowing you to enter details and specifics regarding this student.
How do I select the Referral Reason(s)?

You may open the selections by clicking on any or all of the Concerns. Each will have several reasons to select one or more choices. You may select one or as many as you have reasons to refer your student. If you select "Other", you will see at the bottom of the page a comments section that you may add brief comments about your referral.

What might go into this box?

You might not wish to disclose something about a student in writing, so instead, you may request to be contacted and give a phone number and/or email address of how best to reach you. You may know the best way to reach the student and give a cell number and/or personal email address you have for the student.

What happens if I hit "Submit?"

The EARS referral is made and the student will receive an email that welcomes him or her to EARS. This email will inform the student that a faculty or staff referred them into EARS and someone will soon be contacting him or her for appointment and to provide campus resources to assist them with their academic success. The email will give them the EARS website of campus resources. An email will be sent to you that gives the EARS referral number that you will be able to access and view in your EARS Dashboard under "Referrals I Created" – Not Closed.

What if I don't see the referral any longer?

You can look under the Quick Menu under "Closed Referrals." You can click on the name of the student, which opens the referral to read the notes and track what is happening with the student and Success Team. As long as the referral is open, you may "Add a Note."

What if a student asks if being referred into EARS becomes part of his or her academic record?

No, it does not. It is to refer a student to campus resources that can assist them in being successful with his or her academic goals and achievements.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact EARS Program Coordinator at: or call 480-461-7212.