Faculty & Employees

The Early Alert Referral System (EARS) is part of a student success initiative to assist students in their educational pursuits at MCC.

Faculty!  New notification statement to add to your course syllabus:

MCC is committed to the success of all of our students.  Numerous campus support services are available throughout your academic journey to assist you in achieving your educational goals.  MCC has adopted an Early Alert Referral System (EARS) as part of a student success initiative to aid students in their educational pursuits.  Faculty and Staff participate by alerting and referring students to campus services for added support.  Students may receive a follow-up call from various campus services as a result of being referred to EARS.  Students are encouraged to participate, but these services are optional.  Additional EARS information and Campus Resources can be located at: http://www.mesacc.edu/students/ears/students

See the Campus resources here. Login to the production EARS system to begin a referral or to check on an open referral. Need help in getting started? Go to the Faculty/Employee FAQs.

Need technical assistance with EARS? Contact the MCC Help Center for assistance by phone: 480-461-7217. Location: AS 4 - Breezeway