Program Goals

Our program strives to: 

  • Support, encourage and guide students toward academic achievement 
  • Connect students to valuable college resources 
  • Build a relationship that enhances self-worth, success, support and sharing.

National attention for some time now has been focused on increasing graduation rates at community colleges.

Graduation rates are particularly low for students who come to campus under prepared for college level work.  Finding ways to help developmental  students persist in school and receive a degree is critical to substantially increasing graduation rates.

The Connect 4 Success Program was first implemented in the fall of 2011 in an effort to meet this need. 

Coaching has many benefits for the student, the coach, and the college, including:

Mentors and coaches make the differenceEase the transition into College. Success coach is there for support.

For the Student:

Academic support
Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
Increased motivation
Broadened horizons and experience
Raised achievement and aspirations
Building relationships
Support to graduation

For the Coach:

Establishing relationships
Immense satisfaction from helping another person grow
Development of interpersonal and communication skills
Increased self-awareness

Students work with their coaches.“I feel more connected to Mesa Community College.”

For the College:

Increased success of an underserved population
Shared learning
Development of staff skills
Positive publicity
Review and change in antiquated policies and procedures
Increased retention and graduation rates
Increased student satisfaction
Community partnerships and outreach
Possible funding streams