What Do C4S Students Have to Say?

  • I love having uninterrupted time with my coach.
  • My coach listens and helps me work through problems.
  • I have learned how to stand up for myself.
  • I like the close relationship I have with my coach.
  • I can talk to my coach about anything.
  • I feel like my coach knows what I am going through.
  • I have learned how to talk to my teachers.
  • I feel more connected to MCC.

How is Connect 4 Success helpful?

  • Your coach/advocate is there encouraging & helping you transition to college.
  • C4S can improve your chances to succeed in your courses.

What Are Students' Responsibilities?

  • Make a commitment to meet with your C4S coach at least six times a semester.
  • Two of the six meetings must be face to face and on campus.

  • Cancel an appointment if you cannot make it.
  • Work on achieving goals that you set.

How Do Students Get Involved?

  • Students are invited to participate by enrolling in two developmental courses during the same semester.
  • A letter of invitation will be sent to the student's home address.
  • A letter will be given to students in their math class.
  • An e-mail will be sent to the student's Maricopa Google Account.
  • Students are encouraged to contact their C4S Coach as soon as possible.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Contact Lezette Mack at lezette.mack@mesacc.edu or 480-461-7629.  Include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number