Need help with tuition and books?

Connect 4 Success will be awarding several scholarships. Award amounts will vary from $250-$1000 based on the number of viable credit hours as follows:

  • 3-5 credit hours-Up to $250
  • 6-8 credit hours-Up to $500
  • 9-11 credit hours-Up to $750
  • 12+ credit hours-Up to $1000

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Active student in the C4S programParticipating students may be eligible to apply for a scholarshipParticipating students may be eligible to apply for a scholarship
  • Minimum GPA 2.5
  • Enrolled in Fall 2015 classes
  • Met with your success coach a minimum of 6 times

Application Should Include:

  • Complete Connect 4 Success application online
  • Typewritten 250 word Personal Statement
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from your success coach
  • Copy of Completed Academic Plan for Spring 2016 classes

**Incomplete application will not be considered for award**

Deadline Date:

November 3rd, 2015 

Contact Lezette Mack at or 480-461-7629

C4S Scholarship Application  - coming soon!