Need Transportation?

City of Mesa Makes Abandoned Bicycles Available

The Connect 4 Success Program received several abandoned bicycles as a result of a proposal that was submitted to the City of Mesa Police Department.  The bicycles became available through the Abandoned Bicycle Program at the City of Mesa.

The C4S, in an effort to increase persistence and retention, partnered with the City of Mesa to seek additional resources for many of our students that may have limited transportation to our campus.  There are more students in need than we have bicycles for, but the administration has submitted a second request for additional bicycles.  The Abandoned Bicycle Program allows community organizations to request up to 30 free bicycles per calendar year. 

Students in the C4S Program needing bicycles will be given priority, however if you are aware of any student in need of transportation to get back and forth to MCC classes contact Connect 4 Success.

For additional information please feel free to contact Lezette Mack at or 480-461-7629.

We have a limited number of bicycles available at this time, but all will be disbursed on a first come, first serve basis.