by Sam Stevens (MCC  Advisor)

Students from Big Brothers Big Sisters gather with Dr. Pan and their mentors from MCC's American Indian student population

Mesa, AZ -  Beginning several years ago, MCC's Intertribal Student Organization (ISO) began collaborating with Bobbi Nez, tribal partnership coordinator for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Arizona, to provide mentors for students living on or near the Salt River Reservation.  

Yesterday, May 1, 2014 marked the final day that American Indian student mentors from MCC would meet with their mentees for the semester.  However, instead of traveling to Salt River like they had done every Thursday afternoon,, they hosted their young mentees on our campus and spent the evening sharing a pizza dinner, participating in a scavenger hunt, and taking lots of photographs with one another.  

During the 2013-14 school year, MCC mentors spent time every Thursday each week helping young students work on homework or class projects, play games, or just hang out and provide a positive influence.  

They also participated in crafts, provided encouraging and motivational presentations, or just talked and listened to their young charges.  MCC's student mentors included Kenalda Quintero, Dominique Hunter, Michaela Patrick, Elizabeth Browne, Jared Russell, Paige Martinez, Mallory Smith, Nashonna Frank, and Dakota Thomas.  

These MCC students unwaveringly gave their Thursday evenings to the students from Salt River and provided them with amazing examples as they are also very highly performing academic students in their own right.  

Furthermore, they are also some of the most kind and genuine individuals ever to come through MCC and are certainly to be commended for their time and exemplary performance as role models for the American Indian Institute and MCC.  

Any student interested in participating in the program for next year can contact our office located in Bldg. AD 42 or Bobbi Nez with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Arizona.