Edd Welsh, Jr.

Edward Welsh, Jr. was born and raised in Illinois.  He is a member of the Brotherton tribe and currently serves as a professor of business law at MCC.  He has also been a practicing business lawyer since 1985.  Edd received his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in 1970 and his JD (Juris Doctorate) in 1980, also from ASU.  A veteran of the U.S. Army, Ed served his country from 1963-1974, first in active duty where he earned the rank of first lieutenant, and then as a captain in the Reserves. 

During this time he also began working in the business fields of accounting and sales/marketing, experience that he would draw upon later in life as both a student and professional lawyer and educator.  He had a unique opportunity in the late 1970’s to be chosen as a candidate of the Special Scholarship Program in Law for American Indians given by the BIA.  Accompanying that he was also awarded funding through the Indian Fellowship Program which he applied toward his graduate studies at ASU to complete his JD.  Along with a team of dedicated native educators within MCCD (Maricopa Community College District), Edd was instrumental in the creation of UTEC (United Tribal Employees’ Council) which gave American Indian employees representation and a voice throughout all the colleges.  He has served as its president on more than one occasion and in 2000 he started the Native American Student Convocation that honors and recognizes students who completed degrees or certificates.  The initial convocation took place at Glendale Community College and continues to this day rotating between all of the Maricopa District. 

Edd currently lives in Chandler with his wife and is a member of several professional associations, including the State Bar of Arizona, Maricopa County Bar Association, American Bar Association, and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.  He has been published in the study guide The Legal Environment of Business (1993), by Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich and he teaches several courses at MCC:  GBS205, GBS206, and GBS207.  He has a great enthusiasm toward what he teaches and enjoys speaking with students about how to become involved in the business field.  In addition to this coursework, he will soon begin teaching about the exciting new field of cyber law and has loads of expertise dealing with business law in Indian country.  His door is open for interested people who want to get to know him as he shares his wealth of real life and professional knowledge.  MCC is certainly lucky and blessed to count him among its faculty.