Clubs are an important and vital component of your complete educational experience. You may participate in programs that enhance your occupational training or social activities and reflect special interests including cultural events, community service projects, and forums dealing with today's issues.

You may join a club or contact a Club Sponsor at the contact information listed below.

Southern & Dobson Clubs

President: Ruscille Ygot and Kimberly Saw
Meetings: Every other Friday (starting Sept. 13th) from 1-3pm in GC54C room 101
American Marketing Association
President: Alan Beverage
Meetings: Every other Friday (starting Nov.8th), 1-2pm 
ASMCC - Associated Students Mesa Community College

ASMCC Conference Room in Kirk Center, every Friday @ 3:00pm

Club Officers:

Martin Cordova

Executive VP and Senate Chair
Rukiya O'garro

VP of Fiscal Affairs
Piao Villarreal

VP of Communications
Alexis Bennett

VP of Red Mountain
Crystal Bright

Astronomy Club
President: Alexa Drew
Meetings: Every Monday, 3-4 in PS103
President: Nile Francis
Meetings: Every Tuesday, 1:30-3pm in SC11E
President: April Halik
Meetings: Every other Thursday (starting Oct. 31st), 4-5pm inPS218
Environmental Action
President: Charlie Depuy
Meetings: Every Tuesday, 4:30pm in LS202
Ethical Hackers
President: Michael Mollick
Meetings: Every other Thursday (starting Oct. 17th), 5pm in BA14
Fashion Focus
President: Ayana Coleman
Meetings: Every Thursday, 11:30-12:30pm TC3W or TC1W
Fusion Federation
President: Alisa Breiling
Meetings: Sunday, 11am in the Dance room (Heap Gymnasium) 
Future Educators Club
President: Cortni Yorba and Casey Johnson
Meetings: Every other Thursday, 5pm (starting Sept. 5) in AS191
President: Heather Hammond
Meetings: Every other Friday (starting Sept. 6th), 2-3pm in PS113
Horticulture Club
President: Stephen Fuchs
Meetings: Every Thursday. 12:30pm in TC426
International Friendship Club
President: Zac Coleman
Meetings: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 12pm outside of MCC Library
The purpose of the International Friendship Club at MCC is to promote friendships cross culturally by giving an opportunity for American students to meet and befriend international students. The club gives different opportunities to have fun, food, fellowship to result in a great experience while in the US and at MCC. Our desire is to help internationals to adjust to the US in areas of answering questions like where to bank, get cell phones, find answers to your questions, and pick up when you first arrive to the US if you have no family or friends here. The club desires to promote learning and respecting different cultures and faiths. That members, officers and advisors assist students in discovering their full potential as leaders and contributing members of the college community, and society. Please contact us through both our Facebook: InternationalFriendshipClubMCC or at our website:"
ISA - International Student Association
President: Aika Miyazato
Meetings: The International Student Association (ISA) was created to encourage and promote goodwill among international students to increase awareness and appreciation of other cultures, and to provide an opportunity to develop lifelong friendships.

ISA recognizes, honors, and learns from students who come from many countries. Activities and events include guest presenters, educational trips, leadership opportunities, social activities, and volunteer efforts.

As a member, you help create the International Student Association. Your support, participation, ideas and suggestions will determine the success of the club. You are encouraged to get involved and become a leader!

For more information, contact the International Education Office at Mesa Community College at 480.461.7756 or email us at
ISO- Inter-Tribal Student Organization
President: Radik and Luis
Meetings: Every Friday, contact President for times.
We are an American Indian Organization who's main goal is to provide a friendly environment for American Indian students at Mesa Community College. We do volunteer work that help the American Indian community
President: Andrew Sypher
Meetings: Every Tuesday, 8am in Service Learning Department
President: Samantha Kats and Junoir Rivera
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 5-6pm in SC13N
President: Donielle Lopez
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 3-4pm in MSC114
President: Marky Silva and Daisy Najera
Meetings: Every Friday, 3-5pm in ASMCC Office
Military Student Alliance
President: Brian Dozier
Meetings: Every Friday, 1pm in Veteran's resource Center
President: Chuck Harvey and Vaugh Adesina
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 1:15-2:15pm in AS195
Phi Theta Kappa
President: Ryan McConnaughy
Meetings: Every Thursday, 1:30-3pm in NU101
President: Melissa Nesbitt and Jonathan Ireland
Meetings: First and third Thursday of every month in BP2S
President: Chris Valentin
Meetings: Every Friday, 1:30-3pm in LS108
President: Emily Cowery
Meetings: Every other Friday (starting Sept. 13th), 12-2pm in LS101
Psi Beta
President: Jamie South
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 12-1pm in BP8
Secular Student Alliance
Social Work
President: David Scoggins
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 12pm in MC108
Stagedoor Player
President: Nathan Luis and Augustus Hines-Rotter
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 12-1pm in ST-28 Rm. 101
Student Nurses Association
President: Maren Graff

Red Mountain Clubs

Adventure Association
President: TBD
Meetings: TBD, Contact advisor at for information.
Campus Crusade for Christ
Meetings: TBD
Events Programming Council
Meetings: TBD
Future Educator's Club
Meetings: TBD
Kajukenbo Martial Arts
Meetings: TBD
President: TBD
President: TBD
Meetings: TBD 
Multicultural Club
Meetings: TBD
Phi Theta Kappa
Vice President
Meetings: Every Monday, 2pm in M200
Psi Beta
Vice President
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 12pm in DW 131
Sigma Chi Eta
President: TBD
Tabletop Gamers
Meetings: Fridays at 12 pm in M214