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I Want Directional Signs 

Student Life has Special Event signs available that can be used to direct guests to your event. These have arrows that can point guests to particular areas, and can also include space for an event flyer. These signs are available for popular spaces on campus but can also be used for other areas. We will place signs to navigate from the nearest parking lots to the area you specify.

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I Want Promotional Signs 

We have general zones that we use to identify locations in which you may wish to post your boards. Please select all the locations in which you would like a board. (number of locations should match the number of requested boards)

Please specify sign placement locations (select all that apply)

(maximum of 4 per event)

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Use these fields to attach files to your request such as a flyer or photo for your event (e.g. pdf, jpg, docx). If you have more than 10 files to share, please wait for a response from us. The individual file size limit per file is 5MB.

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