Advertising & Campus Posting

Campus Posting Approval

Looking to get the word out on a campus event or activity?  You must submit your event or activity information to the Student Life Office at either our Southern & Dobson or our Red Mountain location for approval prior to posting. Once the item has been approved it will be posted on campus. Anything posted without official approval will be removed. 

Campus Posting/Bulletin Boards

Student Life and Leadership is responsible for the posting of materials on bulletin boards on campus. Please click here to read the policies regarding posting flyers and other advertisements on campus. Failure to follow these procedures will result in the removal of your posting. Download a map of the bulletin board locations at the Southern/Dobson campus here.

Sandwich Boards & Posters

Poster printing and sandwich board usage may be available to MCC Departments and Student Clubs, and number of posters printed is to the discretion of Student Life & Leadership staff. Restrictions may apply. 

CLICK THIS LINK to access the request form for the Southern/Dobson campus only. Please submit this form along with an electronic copy of the poster you want printed (if applicable). Departments/Clubs are allowed up to 4 posters to be printed for events. Additional posters must go through the Copy Center. Pre-made directional signs are available and are preferred if your sole need is directing guests to particular parts of campus. Posters in color must have a white background. Amount of color printed is up to the discretion of Student Life.  

RED MOUNTAIN CAMPUS: Please contact RM Student Life and Leadership directly for RM boards and posters. Requests for RM can be made via email to Erica Horihan ( or Ashley Bouknight (